There is a special bond between the University of Hull and its alumni. We know this because our graduates tell us this over and over again. We do all that we can to maintain and strengthen this relationship into the future by keeping in touch and letting you know what is going on at the University.


This is why we maintain a secure database, to keep track of any information that we hold about you. For alumni, this will always include a record of your academic awards, as well as personal data provided during registration for a course of study, like date of birth. Other information might be provided by graduates, donors, friends and supporters themselves, such as contact details, career information and general interests.

One example of how we use this information is to send you regular updates about the University, such as emails about events or general University news, or to post publications like Venn. We also use your data to try and make these messages as relevant as possible. So we might target a message about a professional network to people who have told us they work in that sector, while an advertisement for an upcoming event could be sent to people who live in the surrounding region.

We also share data with other departments within the University. This can help academic areas to understand which careers their graduates have gone into, or they might want to get in touch with former students to arrange a reunion. Many alumni, donors and friends tell us that they enjoy the opportunity to give back to the University. We might therefore contact individuals with particular skills who might be able to volunteer, offer mentoring or give a talk to current students.

Another aspect of giving back is fundraising. Over the last 14 years, the University’s Annual Fund has raised over half a million pounds for students. Each year, we identify around 10% of graduates on our database to be contacted by current students to talk about campus life and the projects we support, as well as asked for a gift.


High-level philanthropic donations are important to the development of the University. We will, on occasion, access and gather information from publicly available sources, such as Land Registry, Companies House, or LinkedIn, about our current or potential donors in order to assess wealth capacity and an individual’s potential to make such donations. We also access this data as part of our due diligence, gift acceptance procedures and money laundering regulations for gifts that are of a high net worth.

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You can find out more about how we handle your data by reading our Privacy Policy.


If you have any questions about how your data is handled, would like to opt out of communications from the University, or would prefer not to be contacted regarding fundraising, please get in touch via