A Premier Partnership

A Premier Partnership
22nd November 2018 alumni

After a 40-year career in teaching, the President of the Hull Alumni Association, Sir Paul Grant, has a new  role with the Premier League


What’s the new role, Sir Paul?

When I retired from headship, the Premier League approached me suggesting I become an Education Advisor for them on the Premier League Education Programme. Ultimately, I’m responsible for making sure that time out of school for the boys in nine clubs is compensated for, so that they’re not missing out.


So a second career then?

Absolutely. Sometimes people think they are one-trick ponies, but that doesn’t have to be the case. What I’m doing now is in the same genre as my previous career and a passion of mine.


Do you still feel like a teacher, in a sense?

Definitely. In addition to my role as Education Advisor to the Premier League, I’m now also an Executive Coach and a Professional Skills Mentor in the Premier League. The Premier League is an evolving organisation that wants the  best, and my role involves mentoring coaches in the game – from new starts to elites. On top of this, the Department for Education has also retained me as an Expert Advisor for Education, which is unusual as they normally opt for serving heads.


Does your work take you back to Hull often?

One of the nine Premier League Education Programme clubs I have been allocated is Hull City, despite their relegation, so I’m going to be making regular visits to look at how the boys are doing, to look at the data and their holistic development.


Did your own journey in football not start at the University?

Rumour has it that I was quite a good player back then … In fact, I’ve got the black-and-white footage to prove it!


What’s your ambition for the University?

I’m immensely proud of the University of Hull. I want it to keep expanding. I want it to continue to grow as a force. I want people to see it like I do.




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