An invaluable gift from the University – How scholarships change lives

An invaluable gift from the University – How scholarships change lives
14th August 2017 alumni

Your donations can change lives.  Last year because of your support, five women received scholarships in engineering and talented athletes were able to fulfill their potential.  These are some of the stories of their journeys and the impact that your donations made on them.


Isabel Garnsey is studying Medical Engineering.


Isabel says, “I felt like the University was saying they had confidence in my ability to do this degree.


Every time the work has mounted up and my self-assurance has shaken slightly, I’ve been able to remind myself that the University has faith in me, and that has helped spur me on.


The confidence this gives me is an invaluable gift from the University!


The money from the scholarship allows me to focus more on my studies rather than getting a job during term-time. I have more time to devote to my work, which in turn makes it easier to take breaks away from my work to refresh my brain.


I think it’s important for a student’s mental health that they balance hard work with doing something completely different that they enjoy, especially if that activity is out in the fresh air. However this can be difficult if you’re trying to fit your academic work in around a job, and then the rest of the time you’re too exhausted to get out and do something active. So, the scholarship gives the gift of time and breathing space.


In my first term I was introduced to the mechanical workshop and taught how to use the machines. I built my own toolbox out of aluminium, and the University filled it with the tools I’ll need for projects later in the degree.


Being in the workshop was different to anything I’ve experienced before, and it was satisfying to learn skills that allowed me to produce something meaningful with my own hands.


I was also taught how to use the Solidworks CAD software to create 3D models and engineering drawings. It was a bit tricky to grasp the basics of this tool, but once I had a handle on that, it became a great tool for expressing my ideas.”


Emily Alexander is studying Chemical Engineering


Emily feels incredibly grateful and relieved that money will likely no longer be an issue on her mind for the academic year and excited to be rewarded something to advance women in engineering.


Her first year has been challenging but rewarding! Highlights include creating a miniature airship, extracting caffeine from a tea bag, modelling a rocket ship using computer programming, performing Beethoven’s 5th and seeing England’s smallest window. Besides lectures and studying I have loved living in a new city and exploring the city of culture. I’ve definitely made some life-long friends already and I’m looking forward to what next year brings.


Your support has also enabled us to set up the Talented Athlete Programme.



Alex Lowthorpe Great Britain U21 Mens Canoe Polo (The team won Gold in the 2016 World Championships in Syracuse, Italy). Studies Applied Sport Science for Performance.


Being awarded the TAP Scholarship gave Alex a boost in confidence that he would be able to continue his sporting development alongside academia.


Alex says “TAP makes a huge difference, the support of Strength and Conditioning Coaches and Rehab is available within an instant. The additional funds received, means I can reduce my part-time job working hours, which gives more time to study and frees up additional hours for training. The support from TAP, also means that any distractions related to my studies can be easily resolved.


I have enjoyed my first year at University, It has been a good insight into the routines, commitments and workloads required. The modules covered were engaging and also relatable to my own sporting environment. In relation to the TAP, the Rehab support has been instrumental in a recovery from injury, the Strength and Conditioning Coaches pivotal in developing performance and the funds received have been contributed to many hours of training and effort.”


Joe Fermor-Worrell studies German, plays in the UK Premier Division in Wheelchair Basketball and is also a Wheelchair Basketball Referee.


Joe started playing wheelchair basketball nine years ago after he used to watch his older brother play and wanted to join in.  The brothers both played for the Under 23 Welsh Wheelchair Basketball Team and when Joe came to Hull to study he found a new team to play for in Leeds and joined the Univeristy’s own Wheelchair Basketball team.


The TAP Scholarship has supported Joe to travel to Leeds each week to play in the Premier Division in wheelchair basketball.  It has also allowed him more time to dedicate to his studies as he doesn’t need to work an extra job. He was delighted to find out that he had received the extra support from the University, especially as he was making the two biggest changes in his sporting career; playing in the highest British League in Wheelchair Basketball and also as his first season as a qualified wheelchair basketball referee.


Joes says “My first year at University has been brilliant from academic, social, and sporting standpoints: I’ve settled really well into my course and made many new friends. I’ve also gotten involved with the University Wheelchair basketball team, helping them to achieve a silver medal at the British Wheelchair Basketball University Championships.



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