Life of a Student Nurse

Life of a Student Nurse
14th August 2017 alumni

The life of a student nurse, albeit rewarding, comes with many challenges. Over the course of a three year undergraduate degree, student nurses are required to spend 50% of their time studying the theory and practice of nursing, attending lectures, tutorials and clinical skills and simulation training. They will also sit exams and undertake written assignments and practical assessments.


As well as studying, student nurses undertake 50% of their training in clinical practice in the National Health Service and with other healthcare providers. Here they perform a vital role in healthcare provision. Their contribution to the healthcare workforce, on a very limited income, is invaluable. This does mean that they are often working very long hours, including night shifts and weekends, and are also studying and revising alongside this.


We are very proud of our student nurses and the contribution they make not only to the university, but to the patients and their families that they care for on a daily basis.


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