Thank You

Thank You
14th August 2017 alumni

Dear Supporter,


I am writing to thank you for your support, which makes a big difference to our students.  This newsletter is our way of sharing with you some of the inspirational stories that you have made possible.


Here at the University of Hull we are acutely aware of the debt that we owe to previous generations.  The University of Hull started out with only thirty nine students.  Nearly ninety years ago, those thirty nine were the start of something new – we build on the foundations of their achievements and of all those who came after them.


We have encapsulated this idea in Foundation Thirty Nine: a new name for everything that we do with and for our alumni and supporters.  It’s the new name for our annual fundraising campaign, which links past, present and future generations.


In February 2017 we launched Foundation Thirty Nine with a seven-week telephone fundraising campaign.  A team of forty bright, enthusiastic students spoke to hundreds of graduates about their time at Hull, and about our new Health Campus, which will be completed towards the end of the summer.  There was a superb response with over two-hundred graduates donating over £90,000 to support the student nurses and doctors of the future to buy vital medical training equipment, and to support research that will change how we care for patients.


You can also read about the students who benefited from scholarships funded by our alumni and friends last year.  This kind of support can be life-changing and each year we will update you on the progress of these students.


So far 2017 has been an inspiring year for us, being a Principal Partner of Hull UK City of Culture 2017 and hosting numerous events, and showing off our developing campus, now with the stunning Allam Medical Building at its heart.  If there was ever a time to revisit Hull, this is it.  Please let our alumni team know if you plan to come back and we will help you get the very best out of your visit.


The rest of the year looks equally compelling as we await the arrival in August of our new Vice-Chancellor, Professor Susan Lea, the first woman to lead the University.  I am sure that if they could see what had been achieved and what was to come, the first thirty nine would be rightly proud of what they set in motion all those years ago.  I hope you too can be proud of what you have helped us to achieve today.


Thank you once again for your very generous support.


Professor Glenn Burgess

Acting Vice-Chancellor